Sick Today? Call Today. Be Seen Today!

We call it “Open Access.” No more waiting days for appointments. Or being fit in.

Call us the morning of the day you want to be seen … in most cases, an appointment will be set up for that day. Later in the day, before you head to Urgent Care, call our office to see if we have any openings for the remainder of the day.

By only pre-booking a portion of our schedule each day, we are able to accommodate our patients urgent medical needs each day. Our patient community can help the process by being flexible with your non-urgent medical appointments so we can make sure we tackles today’s problems today.

It works. It makes perfect sense. And that¹s to your best health.

(Of course, for patients with chronic medical problems, appointments can still be made in advance by phoning our office)

To make an appointment call us at (856) 638-1990.

Notice: ‘No Show’ appointments severely impact the efficiency of office workflow and create an administrative burden on the staff that impacts your experience. Open Access is a form of appointment scheduling which minimizes “no show” appointments and also allows us to organize our day more effectively to stay on schedule. Your consideration is greatly appreciated by our staff and patient community.

Failure to show up for your appointment is subject to a $50 ‘No Show’ Fee.

September 2020
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